The Department of Preprofessional Studies is the parent department for the interdisciplinary majors in Science Preprofessional, Science Computing, and Science Education; and the Minor in Compassionate Care in Medicine.

Science Preprofessional Studies (SCPP) is a 64 credit hour interdisciplinary science major designed to encourage a broader and deeper holistic education, primarily for students preparing for one of the health professions. Established in 1960, this major anticipated recent changes in medical school requirements that emphasize social sciences, humanities, ethics, and statistics, in addition to the core sciences. The smaller number of required science credits allows for more coursework to build competencies outside science.

Advising for students who are planning to enter a health profession:

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Diploma Ceremony May 18th, 2024 @ 1 pm EST Duncan Student Center – Smith Center for Recreational Sports

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Preprofessional Studies Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Preprofessional Studies offers scholarships and awards to current and graduating students.

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